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Train like a pro even if you're not

Improve your obstacle race performance.

Whether training for your first race, trying to podium, or just want to get fit while having fun.

Get in the best shape of your life while enjoying the process.

Our focus is functional training for best performance and overall fitness for a more balanced physique.

We incorporate calisthenics, gymnastics, free weights, and functional training equipment.


Any 10 scheduled group classes

$150 (reg $20/class)

Personal Training / 8-sessions @ client's home


Personal Training / 8-sessions @ the playground


Group private class @ client's home

$30 / person / class

Group private class @ the playground
$20 / person / class

All classes are $20 or included in prepaid package.


Obstacle Camp

Advanced obstacle class designed as a race.  Three rounds of 1 mile run and 10 different OCR and Ninja Warrior obstacles.  Every week is a slightly different set of obstacles focusing on upcoming events.

Saturdays @ 8AM

120 min class

Must confirm before coming

Obstacle Workshop

Learn techniques for conquering obstacles more efficient by Spartan SGX Coach.  Perfect for beginners and an opportunity for the more experienced to practice on specific obstacles.


Thursdays @ 6PM

60 min class

Must confirm before coming

Strength Class

Increase overall strength.  Whole body workout with resistance exercises.  Circuit style class with 4 rounds of 4 exercises performed 3X each with combination of weights, calisthenics, gymnastics, and other functional training for better body development.


Mon & Wed @ 6PM

75 min class

Must confirm before coming


Improve your muscle endurance. Four circuits of 10 different movements performed for 60 sec with 15 sec rest before rotating to the next station.  Jump, crawl, push , pull, lift, throw, carry, et.  Some with free weights but most just bodyweight.


Tuesdays @ 6PM

60 min class

Must confirm before coming

Uphill &
Trail Runs

Improve your endurance and speed on different terrains.  Trail runs in wooded technical trails and uphill runs with heavy carries.  Challenging terrain obstacles in nature trails that best prepare you for OCR.


Sundays @8AM

90 min class

Must confirm before coming


5,000 sf of outdoor space with over 100 OCR and Ninja Warrior obstacles.

Blue sky as the ceiling and soft white sand on the floor with plenty of thick mats for high obstacles.

Natural shade and several fans keep it cool even in Summer months.


Robert Sakz, CPT, PES, LMT, SGX


Certified Personal Trainer since 2009

Sports Performance Specialist 2010


SGX Coach since 2016

Obstacle Specialist since 2017
DEKA Certified 2022
35 Spartan races since 2013 / 10 Trifectas
Several other OCR's: Savage Race, Battle Frog, Tough Mudder,

Soldier Rush, Terrain Race, Armageddon, Goliath Gauntlet, and others

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 10.25.26 PM.png

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It includes Open, Age Group and Elite Waves.

OCR Training

Obstacle Course Race Training


Train for your next race or just train for fun.
Beginners and advanced classes available with Coach Sakz

Spartan SGX Certified and Obstacle Specialist





Build endurance running on uneven terrain over rocks, roots, mud, up/down hill, quick turns, and all the fun rough nature trails provide. Uphill heavy carries and bodyweight workouts are included as well.

We also do a HIIT Class at the playground with 40 different drills relevant to OCR.